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 Hello my dear Readers!!!   

I’m back!  It’s been a while and so much has transpired and I won’t bore you with the details; however…as I am sure you know…the last Nellie Bly Mystery, No Job For A Lady, came out in June of 2014.  I was not only very excited to have an important part of Nellie’s life come to you, but I was thrilled about the title: No Job For A Lady.  This has been the title I’ve always wanted for Nellie—to me it honors her struggles and shows how determined she was to never give up.  To refresh your memory, when Nellie went to get a job with Mr. Pulitzer at the World in Manhattan, he told her, “This is no job for a lady.”   Throughout Nellie’s life, she was constantly told, not by only Mr. Pulitzer, but her first boss, Mr. Cochrane, and many other men, “Being a reporter is no job for a lady.”  Thank goodness she never listened to anyone of them!!!  Can you imagine what would have happened if she did—what a setback that would be!

Nellie was always looking for a story and new adventures to discover and after her trip around the world she decided to take a break from newspaper reporting and write mystery novels!  Yes, my dear readers, Nellie Bly decided to try her hand at fiction writing.  That in itself is another story to be told…   

Well, like Nellie I have decided to follow in her footsteps and do something a little different.  Ah, but do not fear, you have not read the last of Nellie Bly by me—she’s just going to be coming in a different package.  Yes!  It’s a surprise!!!  But as I prepare my surprise, I am also venturing to new territories.  I am going to be moving from the beautiful Cape Cod to a place yet unknown … but, isn’t that the fun of it all—not knowing!  Like Nellie who wanted to stay undercover, she many times wouldn’t let Pulitzer know what she was up to—who she was going to impersonate and investigate, she didn’t want to ruin anything.  As the saying goes—loose lips, sink ships.  I also believe she loved the adventure of it all!  So, my dear readers, think of yourself as Mr. Pulitzer [the boss left in the dark] and me as Nellie [secretly moving to a place unknown, but once I’ve settled in, I will let you know].  And I promise no more lengthy absences.  Besides, there are wonderful things to come and I want to share them with you! 

But most importantly, I want to Thank  You, My Readers  around the world for all your support, kind words, encouragement and taking a chance with Nellie…it is appreciated more than you can imagine!     

As Nellie so adequately put at the end of her book Around The World In 72 Days:

“To so many people this wide world over am I indebted for their kindnesses that I cannot thank them all individually.  They form a chain around the earth.  To each and all of you, men, women and children, in my land and in the lands I visited, I am most truly grateful.  Every kind act and thought, if but an unuttered wish, a cheer, a tiny flower, is imbedded in my memory as one of the pleasant things of my novel tour.”

Thank you from Nellie

and me

        PS:  Remember, we are not gone…just taking a short sabbatical.                  
Soon, I will have a surprise for you, my readers, so I hope you’ll stay posted. 
Till then,